What Is Corporate Housing?

What Is Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a type of residence which is completely furnished and designed for extended stays. Its name results from corporations that regularly offer these residences to their employees, and they are popular due to their amenities and because they are more affordable than traditional hotels. In recent years, this lodging type has also become popular with contract workers and those traveling on leisure vacations.

When Should Corporate Housing be Considered?

Corporate housing should be considered whenever you intend on staying in a city longer than thirty days. It is also preferred in situations where you must relocate to a location that is too far away for commuting, or when you have contract projects. This form of housing is also perfect for people who travel south during the winter to avoid the cold weather in the north.

How Much Does Corporate Housing Cost?

The pricing for corporate housing will vary, and will depend on the location, the duration of your stay, and the size of the unit. A general rule of thumb however is that corporate housing will cost more than most unfurnished apartments, but will be cheaper than hotels. It is also important to remember that the longer you remain in corporate housing, the lower the rates. For many corporate residences, the rates are payable monthly, daily or weekly, and those who choose to stay monthly will be given the best discounts.

The more rooms your furnished apartment has, the higher the rent, and those that have special needs such as parents with children or pets may also be charged more. It is important to inquire about these things prior to booking, so you’ll know what to expect before your arrival. Regardless of the city in which you intend to stay, generally speaking you will pay more the closer you are to the center of town, and less the further you are away from it.

When evaluating an area, it is important to consider both transportation and safety. If you would rather walk then drive then choose a residence that is within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and other services, and be sure the area has a low crime rate.

Features of Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is very popular in Europe and is now steadily gaining recognition in the United States. This type of housing offers all the amenities of a home with the convenience of a hotel. The operational costs for corporate residences are much lower than hotels, which mean lower prices for those that stay there.

At the bare minimum, corporate housing residences should feature a complete kitchen, wireless internet and work area with a desk where you can setup your computer and office tools. Many will also have a reception desk where help can be requested. The typical corporate residence is designed for comfort and will be fully stocked with virtually everything you need. The best are located in areas where shopping centers, restaurants, and hospitals are nearby.