Best Beaches Near Your Miami Vacation Apartment

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When it is vacation time in Miami, Florida, there is a great array of incredible beach hangouts to choose from. From pristine white sands, sparkling turquoise water to sun-soaked shores, the beaches located in Miami offers an experience that is second to none. Trying to find the best beaches that are located close to your Miami vacation Apartment? We have gathered some of the most popular beaches that can be found in Miami here in this post. Let’s find out more!

Oleta River State Park

If you are staying in one of our Miami Vacation Apartments, you are definitely within close proximity to one of the most family friendly beaches. Located in Biscayne Bay, Oleta River near Sunny Isles, it is recognized as one of Florida’s largest urban park. When there is an abundance of space, there are plenty of opportunities for beach activities. In this 1,200-feet beach, you will be able to rent canoes and kayaks as well as zip along the bike trails with your own or rented bicycle. What’s more, there is a mangrove preserve awaiting your exploration. At Oleta, the tranquil waterfront setting also makes this beach a perfect spot for a quick swim.

Lummus Park Beach

Who can miss out the ever-popular South Beach? Lummus Park is located along Ocean Drive and is a popular spot to go for beach entertainment and to get a great tan. Speaking of tans, topless is legal here so it is easier to avoid tan lines. With an abundance of tall beautiful palm trees and clear turquoise water, it is is easy to see why, this beachfront park is one of the most popular destinations in the city and a must-see for any tourist, no matter where you Miami Vacation Apartment is situated.

Haulover Beach

If you picked fabulous Ball Harbour as your destination, Haulover Beach will be just steps away from you Miami vacation apartment. This beach is bordered by dense vegetation and features dozen miles of, ocean surf, pristine white sand, shaded picnic areas and landscaped dunes. Coupled with great weather, the scenic stretches of beachfront here are almost always phenomenal. If you plan to surf or swim, this beach is ideal for such activities. Have fun!


When you visit Surfside, you can almost immediately feel the small beach town vibe that comes from it. There is a true neighborhood feeling to the town as everyone knows each other. If you are new to Surfside, it is basically a mile of pristine beach that is home to culturally diverse restaurants and world-class shopping amenities. If the entire family is on vacation, there is a myriad of family friendly activities and annual events to add into your to-do list. Time to pay Surfside a visit and discover the secret charm of Surfside in person!

South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park lies on the very tip of Miami Beach and features a 17-acre park with shaded picnic areas, a playground for kids, a fishing pier as well as panoramic views of cruise ships. What’s more, the beach is surrounded by the Government Cut channel and Atlantic Ocean. It’s like a secret spot that allows you to hide from all the urban madness elsewhere. If you are on vacation during stone crab season, you can find many locals coming here for a beach-side picnic.