Tourist Attractions Near NYC Murray Hill For Your Extended Stay

Murray Hill

Located in midtown Manhattan in New York City, Murray Hill is a wealthy and established neighborhood.If you are visiting Murray Hill for a long vacation, it is recommended that you opt for an extended stay in a Murray Hill residence. This accommodation option is not only cost effective but your residence is located near many of the neighborhood’s attractions. Let’s find out more about the top attractions you can include into your travel itinerary.

Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock attraction is located on Rockefeller Center’s most famous observation deck. You can take in breathtaking, panoramic views of the Big Apple and the experience will be etched in your memory forever. The observation deck is three-stories high and two of its levels are outdoor terraces while the upper one is completely open-air. The great thing about this attraction is that you are allowed to enjoy the scenic atmosphere for as long as you wish.

The Morgan Library and Museum

If you happen to be around the Grand Central Station and Penn Station area, you should drop by the Morgan Library and Museum. The museum is open to the general public and offers a great array of exhibitions, tours, films, readings and even musical performancesthroughout the week. If you simply love spending time browsing through books after books at a library, you will love this library as it boasts an extensive collection ofliterary and historical manuscripts (includes Renaissance manuscript images, Rembrandt prints, music manuscripts, etc.,).

Broadway Theater District Tour

The Broadway Theater District is one of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions. The company hosts world-class theatrical performances, which are also presented in more than 40 professional theaters in Manhattan. Here, you are welcomed to take a self-guided tour of the district. The walking tour can last up to two hours and you will cover sights and topics such as 42nd Street, The Music Box Theater, Times Building and the New Year’s Ball and more.

United Nations Headquarters

The United Nations Headquarters Visitor Centre is a famous attraction near Murray Hill that attracts more than one million visitors each year. If you are interested in the idea of exploring the world’s headquarters for international relations and diplomatic ties, you should take up a guided tour of the newly renovated General Assembly Hall and conference building. The tour guides are true experts in their field and they will walk you through topics such as the Millennium Development Goals, human rights, peace and security and disarmament. Of course, you will get the chance to analyze exhibitions of both photographic and multimedia displays pertaining to each topic.

East River

Located on the eastern coast of Manhattan, East River is a haven for both cyclists and joggers. What’s more, visitors get to explore the East River from many view points, north and south included.If you want to take in more sights East River has to offer, you can consider taking the East River Ferry. This will be an interesting experience as the ferry is used for commuting to and from work too!