What Are Serviced Apartments?

What Are Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are residences that are available for short term stays. Many can also be used for the long term, and they are distinct from standard apartments in that the utility bills are included and they offer amenities which are similar to hotels such as maid service and twenty four hour receptionist availability. Serviced apartments are best thought of as a hybrid between homes and hotels.

Advantages Gained by Renting Serviced Apartments

One of the primary advantages you’ll gain by renting serviced apartments is affordability. On average, they are 30 percent cheaper than many hotels, while providing equivalent services. These apartments also come with a complete kitchen so you don’t have to spend a lot of money eating out. You’ll also save money on Wi-Fi, a service that many hotels now charge extra for. Extended stays in service apartments will also lead to discounts, making them an excellent location for vacations, business trips or internships.

Serviced Apartments Offer Greater Space and Flexibility

Serviced apartments provide lots of space for the price. In addition to an area for cooking, you also get a dining space, living room and sleeping area. Apartments which offer lots of space make it simpler to entertain your guests. The flexibility that this lodging option offers is simply unparalleled.

Serviced apartments feel like home since they are usually equipped with a fridge. This means you can store food and eat when you’re ready, without having to leave or call for delivery. Serviced apartments also have greater privacy than you’ll find at the typical hotel.

Serviced Apartments are an Ideal Solution for Foreigners On Temporary Work

It can be very frustrating for foreigners to find quality rental properties overseas. There are cultural issues to deal with, as well as language barriers and other challenges that foreign workers typically face.  It is also important to remember that each rental market is different. While the basic rules of renting an apartment are the same the world over, some rental markets have rules which are different from others.

For instance, in New York renters must pay broker fees and provide proof that their income is high enough to afford the property. In Singapore, you must provide a Letter of Intent and Repatriate Clause. Dealing with these issues can be very challenging if you don’t know anyone that is familiar with the process.

Serviced apartments usually provide services that are designed to help people transition onto the property with ease, especially foreigners who will be working in the area temporarily. When selecting an apartment, it is important to work with someone who will offer you accommodations you can trust. The last thing you want is to be told one thing over the phone or email regarding a property, only to arrive and find out that you were misled, or outright lied to.

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