Tourist Attractions Near NYC Financial District For Your Corporate Housing Trip

Financial District

NYC is widely recognized as a wealthy city that generates more than $1 trillion dollars in GDP. Finance is undoubtedly the key driver of New York’s success. With that in mind, Manhattan is the world’s largest Financial District, and the buildings here, are actually the headquarters of the world’s biggest companies. If you are a business traveler who wants to take a break from work, there is a wide range of tourist attractions here that will keep you entertained. Ready to take your mind off work? Check out the following tourist attractions near NYC Financial District and your corporate furnished apartment.

Imagination Playground

Located at Burling Slip,Imagination Playground was designed by a famous architect named David Rockwell. It is an interactive and transformable space that encourages kids to manipulate their environment and create a play space consisting of giant foam blocks, water, sand, fabric, wagons and more. Children who come here to play have the potential to explore and build endless possibilities. If your family is visiting you over the weekends, be sure to bring your little ones own to Imagination Playground. Let this attraction address a broader spectrum of their play needs through cooperative play and fantasy!

The Museum of American Finance

This is United States’ only independent museum that is dedicated to teaching, exhibiting and preserving the American finance and financial history. The museum is currently situated in on one of Wall Street’shistoric bank buildings. The museum has a magnificent mezzanine banking hall and it is the perfect setting for exhibits onentrepreneurship, banking, money and more. This museum is also a chronicler of American financial development and achievement, and that’s why it strives to guard and bring honor to the nation’s collective financial memory.

9/11 Memorial

The memorial was built to honor the lives of those who were lost during the tragedy. The memorial currently occupies eight out of the 16 acres at the World Trade Center. The memorial also serves as a tribute to the past and a source of hope for the future. Here, you can find an array of memorial exhibits dedicated to commemorating the unique lives of the victims. The memorial is open to the general public and admission is free of charge.

Fraunces Tavern Museum

The varied exhibitions of art and artifacts found in Fraunces Tavern Museum relate to the historic site it is built on as well as the American Revolution. The museum aims to educate the publicand create genuine appreciation for NYC’s rich history. When you visit the museum, you will come across exhibitions such as”History’s Treasures: Special Pieces from the Museum’s Collection” and “Dunsmore: Illustrating the American Revolutionary War”. If you prefer exploring the museum via a guided tour, feel free to drop by during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The bank was incorporated in May 1914 and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was officially opened for business in November later that year. If you wish to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve, you are recommended to opt for a guided tour, which is open to both the general public and school groups. One of the tours here includes a 45-minute tour of the reserve’s gold vault. Yes, you will get to see a vault stocked with thousands of tons of gold.