Tips And Tricks For Extended Stay NYC Travelers

extended stay NYC

Also known as the Big Apple, the City of New York is an epicenter of the arts. If you are visiting New York City as a tourist, there are many fun things to do and year round events to attend. The vibrant and bustling city is also well known for its award-winning restaurants and world class hotels too.So are things going to be different if you are an extended stay NYC traveler?

It is true that traveling for work can entail a pretty exhausting process. You may be staying in NYC all week or month long, working long hours, sleeping in a bed that is not yours, food on the run and just trying to get yourself acquainted to foreign surroundings. Don’t worry as there are many ways to make your extended stay in NYC painless and even fun. Let’s find out more!

Opt for Apartment Rentals instead of Hotel Stays

First things first, you need proper accommodation. At first, hotels seem like the go-to choice but you have to consider the length of stay. If it’s going to last more than a month, it is recommended that you opt for NYC extended stay apartments. Although hotels can offer you all the comforts of home, these feelings often last for a few days. When you continue staying for a month or longer in a hotel, you may suddenly feel like the walls are closing in on you. It gradually loses its homely feel. Long-term stay apartments are different. These properties offer the convenience of a hotel as well as the comforts of lifestyle living. You get to enjoy a home away from home experience.

Take Care of Your Health

Notice how you are sleeping less and eating more as you transit from one airport to another? That’s probably a bad start because you are going to cultivate bad habits that may affect the quality of lifestyle during your extended stay in New York City. Instead of relying on just grab-and-go meals, travel to local places to dine. What’s more, you have to get ample rest and exercise. Fortunately, many extended stay residences offer a myriad of amenities including swimming pools, fitness facilities and more. Whatever’s available to you, make sure you take advantage of it. If you have time and access to a full kitchen in your apartment, try cooking yourself a healthy dinner. It’s a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Pack Light not Heavy

When you pack for a month’s stay or longer, the mere thought of it may seem daunting. You may try to pack for every possible scenario which can lead to unnecessary packing. To avoid incurring extra baggage charges at the airport, stop and think what you are staying in NYC for? Is it a long holiday or for work? If it’s the latter, you should focus more on the work clothes. After packing the formal stuff, it’s time to squeeze in some casual clothing. Something that’s comfy for home and suitable for dressing down. Remember, pack smart and pack light!

Try Living like a Local

Depending on which NYC residence you opted for, try to do little research on the local community before your trip. To fully experience what NYC has to offer, it’s great to live like a local. So start visiting relevant websites to check out upcoming community events. If time allows, be sure to start filling your schedule.The more locals you meet, the easier it gets to settle down.