Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels For International Workers

Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Than Hotels For International Workers

There are a number of things to think about when you’re choosing between serviced apartments and hotels. Serviced apartments are often more affordable, provide greater space, freedom and even privacy when compared to a hotel. However, it is first important to understand the definition of a serviced apartment.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are common throughout the European Union and are referred to as boarding houses in Germany, residences in France and corporate apartments in the UK. In addition to the name variations, serviced apartments may also differ in the amenities they provide which can cause international workers to be confused regarding their expectations. Below are some things you should expect from all furnished apartments regardless of country, and how they are distinct from traditional hotels.

Serviced Apartments Feature Kitchens and Are Completely Furnished

All serviced apartments, whether they are budget studios or more luxurious dwellings, are fully furnished. They also differ from hotels in that all come equipped with a kitchen, meaning residents can cook and store their own food without having to call for room service or dine out in a restaurant. A serviced apartment should also feature a dining and work area where residents can set up a computer, desk and chair.

Corporate apartments are better than traditional hotels because they offer most of the amenities that hotels offer and more. For instance, many corporate apartments have a reception desk, which are often occupied 24 hours a day. This means that residents can request help whenever they need it. These apartments also feature a cleaning service just like hotels, where someone will come to clean the room and do laundry for the person who lives there.

Recent Changes to Serviced Apartments

A number of transitions have occurred to serviced apartments in recent years. These apartments now provide greater space, independence and more affordable pricing. The sector is maturing rapidly and this maturity has made these lodgings attractive among both business travelers and foreign visitors on medical tourism.

While hotels may be easier to book, provide fitness centers onsite, parking and 24/7 staff, this all comes at the cost of higher fees and being placed in a room that is much smaller than can be acquired in a serviced apartment. Additionally, these apartments provide a feel which is more akin to home than hotels, which tend to be quite formal. One thing that hotels have that most corporate apartments do not is onsite restaurants and drinking establishments.

Those living in serviced apartments who want to visit a bar or restaurant will in almost every case have to leave the building and find these places in the neighborhood. But in most cases, restaurants and bars will be within short walking or driving distance from the apartment, as they tend to be located in desirable areas. Affordability is one of the greatest advantages that serviced apartments have over hotels; a result of hotels needing larger staff, restaurants, and concierge services. Serviced apartments are also better alternatives for families or those with pets as compared to hotels.