Hotels vs. Corporate Housing Miami

Hotels vs. Corporate Housing Miami

Corporate housing and Vacation Apartments in Miami is an excellent alternative for those who intend to stay in Miami for a week or  longer. When we think about hotels vs. corporate housing Miami, it is important to understand that these corporate residences offer a number of features which are superior to the standard hotel.

Corporate Housing Miami is More Affordable

Generally, corporate apartments can be rented for rates which can be as much as 50 percent lesser than upscale hotels. This provides significant cost savings to the renter, and is partially a result of hotel rooms in Miami being heavily influenced by tourism demand, which causes higher prices. Furnished apartments, on the other hand, typically are not as heavily influenced by these factors.

Another thing which makes hotels more expensive than corporate housing are the high fees and taxes which hotel operators must charge, which are not required for those who own apartments. This means there are no costs to be passed on to the renter.

Furnished Apartments in Brickell Offer the Greatest Value

The price is what you will pay, but value is what you’ll receive. Renting a furnished apartment in Miami, especially in the Brickell area, provides much greater value than staying in a hotel. Brickell is a prime spot which is in close proximity to Miami’s financial district, along with the Miami Convention Center. This makes it an ideal location for executives and business travelers, and you can also enjoy upscale shopping at the Bayside Marketplace, which is nearby.

When most people first hear about corporate furnished apartments, and how they’re more affordable than hotels, they often assume that this means they’ll receive less for their money. However, the opposite is true. Corporate housing is not only more affordable than hotels, but offer more space and some are perfect for families and even pets. Not many hotels are an acceptable solution for families with children who emphasize on affordability, and even fewer are tolerant of pets. Corporate apartments offer greater privacy and your children can even have a room of their own.

Enjoy Free Internet Access with a Complete Kitchen & More

A growing number of hotels are charging extra for internet access. In contrast, many corporate housing Miami offer internet service as a part of the monthly package, which means you don’t have to pay extra. The reason corporate apartment providers arrange things in this manner are because they usually use the same service through a router. Residents of these apartments also don’t have to worry about being charged additional fees for making local or even nationwide phone calls.

Dining is an important issue for everyone, especially those who follow a strict diet. When staying in the majority of hotels, you have two options, and this is to eat out or if the hotel has restaurants within the building, you can dine there. In either case, you may not like the high prices you see. For those that are on a strict diet and prefer to cook food themselves, you will enjoy corporate apartments more because they feature a complete kitchen that will allow you to cook, prepare and store food.

All in all, if you are in Miami for a short work assignment, it’s always ideal to consider corporate housing options first before splurging on hotels.