Is Corporate Housing Better Than Airbnb?

Corporate Housing

It’s a very common query made by business travelers as to whether corporate housing is a good fit for accommodation needs, or one should opt for alternative lodging facilities such as those found on Airbnb. While the latter is a convenient option to book vacation homes for a little processing fee, corporate housing provides travelers with an inexpensive substitute that is on par or exceeding the quality of furnished rooms in hotels. Whether you are on a trip for training purposes or you intend to attend a few interviews in the destination city, there are many advantages of choosing corporate housing over Airbnb.

Convenient Locations

With corporate housing, you can easily avail fully furnished apartments in proximity to your workplace, as well as dining and shopping precincts.  You don’t want to be travelling long distances to work every day, since that is only going to affect your productivity. With less travelling and a comfortable abode to return to, you can maintain the work-life balance more efficiently.


In comparison to short-term stay provided by Airbnb, corporate housing comes with extended stay-period provided at the most reasonable prices. While some Airbnb facilities might be similarly affordable, you need to look out for hidden clauses such as additional cleaning fees and electricity bill charges.


Accommodation in a new place is not all about well-furnished rooms at reasonable prices. You also need to have some basic additional services that can reduce the headache on your part. This is where corporate housing is different from non-traditional lodging facilities. Housekeeping and room maintenance services, along with spacious parking area and 24-hour security is a must for any corporate guest, and these facilities are provided by most corporate housing providers without any additional charge.

Flexibility to extend the stay

With non-conventional lodging facilities such as Airbnb, you might have to relocate in case your booking period has passed, but your work project is still in operation. Imagine this happening in New York. Looking for any type of NYC Accommodation, on a last minute basis, will be costly and time consuming – in the best case scenario. Corporate housing provides you with an option to extend your stay as many times you require, and you can leave whenever you want to. This is very helpful for people in the corporate industry, since project schedules can be tentative in some cases and online marketplace such as Airbnb which relies on a fixed online calendar doesn’t provide you with such a key benefit.


A corporate housing suite is specifically structured to suit the needs and requirements of corporate guests, unlike the case with Airbnb lodging facilities which are more generalized in that sense. Hospitality is the thing that creates the difference, and consistency is one of the key attributes that you’ll find with corporate housing facilities. While Airbnb homes may provide for suitable accommodation as per your purpose of visit, you certainly can’t expect quality service as the home owners rule over you as a temporary tenant.

All in all, while Airbnb might be a good choice for short trips, but corporate housing is the most ideal for an extended stay, which is quite common among corporate travelers. If you are looking for a high-quality furnished space in business-friendly areas, with exceptional services and amenities on offer, give us a call at Globe Quarters, and let us help you stay in style!