Best NYC Beaches For Your Day Trip

With clear waters and pristine sands, beaches in and around New York City are some of the best you’ll find across the globe. However, not all of them will provide you with the same vibes like these best NYC beaches for day trips so check out where you should head to:

Coney Island

Coney Island in the borough of Brooklyn is certainly one of the crowded and noisiest beaches in the city, with lots of foods, amusements parks and the New York Aquarium.  If you are the kind who enjoys a buzzing atmosphere, rather than a quite one, this is the place to be.  The main attractions include a couple of amusement zones Deno’s Wonder Wheel and Luna Park with exciting rides, the huge Aquarium, the exceptional B&B Carousell and the MCU Park. There are 9 bathrooms in total, and numerous food outlets to bite a delicious snack after surfing.

Jacob Riis Beach

Popularly known as the People’s Beach, this shore towards the west of Rockaway is an ideal day trip spot for families. Pitch your own tent and stay the whole day as you soak up the panoramic views of the coastline. Other activities include playing golf and flying kites, thanks to a breezy weather.  There’s a clean bathroom on each of the east and west beaches.  Don’t forget to taste the fresh seafood, savory drinks and the homemade barbecue in a unique middle-eastern flavor.

Rockaway Beach

Powerful waves sweep across the seaside, making Rockaway a surfer’s paradise, and surely the only place you cannot miss in NYC for a day-surf, at any cost. With over 8 playgrounds along the stretch, the most remarkable one is at the Beach 30th Street with excellent water features and equipments.  The vibrant 97th street is a family favorite for many, and you’ll find a good family crowd at this spot, although you can always spot quieter spaces on the beach. You can either rent boards or take on-spot lesson for surfing, but also make sure not to leave the beach without trying the lobster rolls and the Venezuelan arepas.

Long Beach

After being demolished by Superstorm Sandy, the Long Beach has come a long way in restoring its identity as a popular boardwalk with pristine sands. This 2-and-a-quarter mile stretch is always buzzing with people either strolling across or riding a bike. The spot attracts party scenes on the weekends, while it’s quieter in the weekdays. There are lots of playgrounds, restrooms, food trucks and restaurants to serve the best. If you are here for a family day-outing, it’s better to pack your own snacks, drinks and lunch for a long peaceful day the Long beach.

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey has a lot to offer in addition to exceptional surfing. You can boat, hike, bike, and go for fishing or an overnight camping at this vivacious zone. Weekends are usually the busiest, and you may want to arrive early to get some parking space. There are a number of walking trails on this 7-mile beach, and you also have the iconic lighthouse to explore.