Best Miami Beaches For Your Day Trip

best miami beaches

Are you new in Miami and wondering where to hang out during the weekends? Well, you certainly need to visit the famous beaches found in Miami. Both the locals and tourists swarm the beaches where you can find lots of surfing, sunbathing, and socializing. You can also go to the beach just to relax and enjoy the warm sandy beaches during the day. Get to know some of the top beach spots in Miami where you can just go to see and be seen.

Lummus Park Beach

If you love beach volleyball, then Lummus Park Beach is the place to be. The park is donned with thatched huts to provide shade for visitors who wish to relax as they enjoy the scenery. This beach spot is recommended for adults only since tourists are allowed to enjoy topless moments. There are plenty of experienced lifeguards who will ensure the safety at this beach.

Haulover Beach

This beach spot is perfect if you are looking for a quiet Saturday afternoon. You can head to the beach with your loved ones and enjoy a picnic on the white sandy beaches. It is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Miami and comes filled with landscape dunes. There is a nude beach located on the northern side of the beach. You can enjoy snacks and delicacies from food trucks located strategically along the beach while enjoying live music.

South Pointe Park

This park occupies a 17 acre stretch of the beach. It offers a great view of passing cruise ships. There is a huge playground which you can enjoy with family and friends. You can bring along your fishing gear and head to a fishing pier along the beach. There is usually a stone crab season every year where you can bring a hoisting bag and take away the crab goodies. The beach is located by the Atlantic Ocean which is a perfect getaway from the urban life.

Surfside Beach

This beach occupies less than a square mile, and that’s why you can always feel the small beach town ambiance when you come here. Every first Friday of each month, the locals hold a communal beach picnic, where the local residents enjoy wine and live music. There are plenty of kids’ activities and the park can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Crandon Park

The beach has shallow waters where you can enjoy a walk along the shore and dip your feet in warm water. It is a great spot to hold family barbecues while relaxing on the sand. The palm trees lined up along the beach provide a nice breeze which brings a cooling effect to the hot weather. There is enough ample parking for everyone and the beach is well secured.

Whether you are in Miami for a temporary work assignment or staying here for a long leisure vacation, you can always take advantage of Miami corporate housing to make the most out of your stay here. With so many beaches to explore, you will never get bored on weekends in Miami!