The Best Lunch Spots in Miami, FL

The Best Lunch Spots in Miami, FL

Miami offers diverse and world class dining, which means there are a lot of great places to do lunch. Whether you want fresh seafood, Latin cuisine, or something in between, the following places will provide a spectacular dining experience for those who want the best lunch spots in Miami, FL.

La Latina

The food here is great and affordable, which is an unbeatable combination. La Latina is famous for its empanada de pabellon, a roll which is filled with cheese, black beans and beef. They also serve arepas which are stuffed with plantains, which you’ll definitely want to try. You’ll be glad you did!

Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering

This dining establishment provides a simple lunch formula: salads and sandwiches. The fried green tomato with pimiento cheese sandwich is simply mouthwatering, and those who prefer a salad won’t go wrong with the friend chicken salad with buttermilk, which also includes red onions, chopped eggs, mushrooms and avocado.

The Sushi Deli

Those that desire raw seafood, Japanese style, won’t want to leave Miami without checking out this place. As you’d imagine, there are lots of sushi places here, but few can hold a candle to the Sushi Deli. To find out why, show up before 6:30 pm from Wednesday to Saturday. No reservations are required.

Sabor a Peru

This Peruvian restaurant can be found near Biscayne Boulevard, and the service is as wonderful as the ceviche. Those that like red meat should try the lomo saltado, which is a dish featuring sautéed steak, tomatoes and onions which are served with rice and French fries. Potatoes play an important part of Peruvian cuisine, so potato lovers will definitely want to try out the papa a la huancaina.

Blue Collar

For those that prefer a less exotic, more American lunch, the Blue Collar will suit your tastes nicely. The pork and beans with sausage, bacon, fried eggs, white beans and toast is absolutely delicious, as is the Panther coffee.

Ms. Cheezious

As you probably guessed by the name, this restaurant specializes in dishes featuring cheese, lots of it. Ms. Cheezious serves incredibly great tasting grilled cheese sandwiches, and you’ll also want to order the bacon sandwich which features layers of green onions and bleu cheese. Although this restaurant is known for its cheese dishes they also make some mean sweet potato fries.

Buena Vista Deli

The Buena Vista Deli serves a number of great tasting dishes and drinks, but has become well known for their croissants, which are stuffed with Swiss cheese and bacon. They also have rillettes and pates which are homemade.

Khong River House

Miami offers every international cuisine you can think of, including Thai. The Khong River House is best known for its Thai curries, which are spicy and light. You can also order Burmese noodles, tofu salad and the cocktails will bring a wonderful sensation to your taste buds. This restaurant is located near South Beach which means that in addition to the great tasting food, you’ll also get a wonderful environment for socializing.

When you stay at Globe Quarters in both of our Miami residences, our staff will be more than happy to share information about great dining places near our locations. Just ask us and you will find out about other great lunch spots nearby!