5 Best Fitness Apps for Travelers

Staying in shape is a constant challenge, and fitness buffs should take advantage of every tool that is available to them. If you are also a frequent traveler, you might find it hard to keep up with your fitness routine that has become a way of life back home. While the following fitness apps for travelers may not be able to help you lose weight or gain muscle directly, they can assist your fitness activities indirectly, which is just as important.


For those who are often traveling to new regions for work, one of the challenges is to find nearby gyms, jogging tracks, and more to engage in different types of activities. For those who love trekking or biking for fitness, Trailhead is a nifty app that can help you enjoy an awesome outdoor workout. Based on your current location, this app will let you know about nearby bike routes and hiking trails as well as provide more information about distance and more so that you can plan your workouts accordingly.


DailyBurn provides users with a gym that is completely digital. It can be accessed through both smartphone and tablet, and will provide you with a variety of workouts which are versatile and entertaining. It requires a small monthly fee but for many fitness buffs on the go, it is an indispensable tool.

Nike+ Training Club

Nike has developed a fitness app which provides a tremendous amount of fitness related information. Some of its features include videos which showcase specific workouts, goals and levels you can reach. These instructional videos are comprehensive, and users can also gain points via their workouts that can be used to unlock new, premium level workouts. Nike+ Training Club is widely popular with many travelers because it’s like having a personal trainer by your side, no matter where you are.


Fitness travelers who love to jog, and are looking for an app that can time and map their runs won’t go wrong with Strava. This software can also be used for activities such as cycling, and provides a competitive networking featuring where you will be pitted against other athletes and users throughout the world.


Between all your flights and road trips, it’s highly possible that you do not hydrate yourself adequately. With WaterMinder, you will be reminded to take in ample water for each day in a cute way. The app features a cartoon version of you so when you have reached your daily water requirements, you will be looking at a Smurf version of yourself!

While these applications may not replace a real life gym, instructors and equipment, they aren’t meant to. They are designed to supplement your workout routines and make it easier for you to monitor your progress when you are shuffling between different places. In fact, many of our guests who live at Globe Quarters use these apps so why not give them a go and see how they can help your fitness goals?