Medical Industry in Miami

When it comes to finding quality corporate housing in Miami, Globe Quarters is the leading choice for many professionals working in the medical industry in this city. Whether you are here in Miami to complete a short training course at a medical campus or you are assisting in a lengthy research project at a medical research institute, you will always be able to find stellar corporate housing options located in exceptionally convenient locations. We also cater to those who are on medical tourism in Miami so that you can expect an ideal environment to make a full recovery during your medical treatment.

The Medical Industry in Miami

In Miami, one of its leading exports is medical and diagnostic testing equipment. The city has its own Health District, which is also recognized by many as the area around the Civic Center. This neighborhood in Miami has an extensive network of medical facilities such as clinics, research institutes, hospitals and more. It is the epicenter of Miami’s growing medical research and biotechnology industry. Miami’s Health District can be easily accessed via rapid transit as it is only five minutes away from Downtown Miami.

William Lehman Injury Research Institute, Miami Institute for Human Genomics and Dr John T MacDonald Foundation Department of Human Genetics are some of the notable research institutes that are located in the district. Whether you are seeking medical treatment in Miami or have been posted to one of the healthcare facilities for a temporary work assignment, it is highly recommended that you secure Miami corporate housing near this area to make your daily commute convenient.

Who We Serve in the Miami Medical Industry

Since our inception, Globe Quarters has the privilege of serving a diverse clientele that holds important roles within the medical industry in Miami. Here is a quick look at the various types of professionals we serve:

  • Care Management Associates
  • Grievance and Appeals Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Provider Relations Representatives
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Chart Review Specialists
  • Imaging Equipment Technicians
  • Registered Nurses
  • …and more!

Stay with Globe Quarters in Miami Today!

Whether you are looking for short or long-term rentals in Miami, Globe Quarters has got you well covered when it comes to your corporate housing needs. We offer top notch serviced apartments that come with many modern amenities such as stylish furnishings, washer and dryer, and private bathrooms. Also, with a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, you can prepare home cook meals to eliminate any feeling of homesickness.

Besides the fantastic in-room amenities you can enjoy, our residences in Miami also offer panoramic city views as well as fitness facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool. Our apartment suites are also strategically located near many major medical organizations in Miami’s Health District for maximum transport convenience. What’s more, our luxurious apartment suites come at highly competitive pricing so you will find them to be a truly cost-effective accommodation option as compared to expensive hotels. Opt for the corporate housing solutions we have here at Globe Quarters and experience Miami living at its best!