Media & Entertainment Industry In Miami

If you are working in the media and entertainment industry in Miami, you will be pleased to know that Globe Quarters is a top notch accommodation provider you can trust when it comes to finding stellar corporate housing in this bustling city. Whether you are here to be part of a planning committee for a media event or you are flying into Miami to attend a high-profile casting, you can easily secure stylish corporate housing through us to make your stay in Miami comfortable.

The Media & Entertainment Industry in Miami

Today, Miami is quickly becoming a center for innovation. With countless investors and entrepreneurs flocking over to this vibrant city, it is no surprise to witness more events being organized to bring together like-minded individuals who are making waves in journalism, music, film and design. What’s more, these events are attended by major organizations situated in Latin America, including those from Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil and Argentina.

There is an emerging, urban residential neighborhood that connects Downtown Miami to the Wynwood Arts District and Design District, and it is simply called the Arts & Entertainment District. Due to the recent and dynamic growth in these nearby districts, the Arts and Entertainment District has seen a renaissance in its nightlife, entertainment, culinary and residential offerings. It’s safe to say that the media and entertainment industry is poised to see many exciting future developments here in Miami.

Who We Serve in the Miami Media & Entertainment Industry

Globe Quarters serves a broad range of clients from many different industries, the media and entertainment industry included. Here is a quick look at our related clientele in this industry:

  • Actors
  • Marketing Content Coordinators
  • Event Marketing Managers
  • Media Producers
  • Multimedia Journalists
  • Client and Content Associates
  • Corporate Communications Specialists
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Digital Product Coordinators
  • Graphics Designers
  • Theatre Directors
  • Television & Digital Production Specialists
  • …and more!

Stay with Globe Quarters in Miami Today!

Since our inception, Globe Quarters has been providing practical and cost-effective corporate housing solutions to professionals in the Miami media and entertainment industry. We practice a client-first approach and customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you need to stay in Miami longer than expected, do not hesitate to inform us because we can facilitate a lease extension without delay. It is our passion and commitment to ensure that your Miami corporate housing needs are met in a hassle-free manner.

What’s more, all our residences are fully furnished and feature easy-to-use laundry amenities, private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and chic furnishings. Whether you are in the Magic City for a few days or a few months to complete a training course that is crucial for your career advancement, you can rest assured that Globe Quarters has got you well-covered!