Media & Entertainment Industry in New York

Globe Quarters is what you need when it comes to finding quality corporate housing in New York. We have successfully served a great array of professionals who hold different roles in the media and entertainment industry in this city. Whether you are staying in NYC to attend a one-month training program or need to complete a high profile photo shoot in just three days, we offer stylish accommodations that are strategically located in New York City’s most convenient locations.

The Media & Entertainment Industry in New York

The media and entertainment industry in New York contributes more than $8 billion of revenue to the city’s economy. That’s why NYC is home to a wide variety of film production companies as well as the offices and studios of media moguls. As a key contributor to the economy, the media and entertainment sectors support plenty of career training, innovation and job opportunities for hundred thousand and more individuals from the city’s five boroughs. These statistics go to show that there is a high demand for corporate housing options too. That’s where Globe Quarters come in. Our corporate housing solutions provide fast and efficient outcome that will make shuffling from your accommodations to your workplace convenient.

Who We Serve in the NY Media & Entertainment Industry

Globe Quarters serves a wide variety of professionals in the media and entertainment industry. Some of our clients include:

  • Anti-Piracy Coordinators
  • Sourcing Specialists
  • Film Development Coordinators
  • Executive Assistants
  • Producers
  • Talent Agent Assistants
  • Segment Producers
  • Directors of Digital Content
  • Writers and Producers
  • PT Photographers and Editors
  • …and more!

Stay with Globe Quarters in New York Today!

All of Globe Quarters’ quality residences are furnished with the most stylish furnishings as well as feature all the modern creature comforts that one who is used to living the urban lifestyle would expect. Our serviced apartments come with laundry amenities, fully equipped kitchens, and private bathrooms while making sure you can enjoy a high speed WiFi connection in your suite. As you can see, we’ve got all your NYC corporate housing needs well covered. Our residences are also located in well appointed neighborhoods in this city, so your commute to the workplace will be hassle-free.

Globe Quarters delivers excellence in the corporate housing niche so that no matter which niche in the media and entertainment industry you are working in, you can always count on us. Whenever you need to extend your stay, you can be sure that we will accommodate a quick extension of your lease to the best of our abilities. Stay with Globe Quarters today and experience quality NY living!