International Business Industry in New York

At Globe Quarters, we fully understand the role New York plays on the international business platform, and that’s why we have residences conveniently located in the Big Apple so that you can pursue your business interests in this city without a difficult commute. As the world’s most economically powerful city, multinational companies are attracted to NYC and have set up bases in this vibrant city to tackle their business endeavors. Whether you are here to conduct a survey of a plot of land suited for your company expansion or here to attend a training program in your MNC’s NY office, Globe Quarters is the brand you can rely on when you are looking for corporate housing in New York.

The International Business Industry in New York

With globalization in full force over the last decade, it’s no wonder that New York has become home to many multinational businesses as well as professionals working in these companies. What’s worthy to note is that the State of New York has launched many programs to help both foreign and local businesses succeed in this city. Many international businesses are doing well in New York because of a few fundamental factors: low taxes, robust R&D spending, quality supply chain & infrastructure, and access to talented and diverse workforce. Even if you have been sent on a temporary work assignment to New York, you will easily get to know the business dynamics that are pumping through the city.

Who We Serve in the NY International Business Industry

We practice a client-first approach and make sure that every guest staying at our residences is well taken care of, including those who are working in the international business industry. Here are some of the esteemed clients that we have served in the past:

  • International Business Sector Managers
  • International Sales Managers
  • International Market Coordinators
  • International Market Analysts
  • International Bankers
  • International Event Planners
  • International Business Legal Advisers
  • Global Logistics Specialists
  • …and more!

Stay with Globe Quarters in New York Today!

If it’s your first time coming to New York on an international business work assignment, why stay at a hotel where you have limited space in your room and no access to amenities such as well-equipped kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and laundry facilities? By opting for NYC corporate housing with Globe Quarters, you will enjoy your time in New York while not missing out on the best comforts you are so familiar with from home. Especially if you plan to stay in NYC for a week or more for your work, you will quickly realize how valuable a serviced apartment can be to your quality of living here. We are the undisputed choice for business travelers in New York. Stay with Globe Quarters today and experience the magic for yourself!