Fashion Industry In Miami

Over the years, professionals such as fashion designers, fashion marketing executives, and fashion photographers have chosen to stay at Globe Quarters. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all our customers can enjoy unique living experiences in this vibrant city. Whether you are planning to stay in Miami to meet with C-level executives for an important job interview or you are flying into this part of South Florida to close a lucrative fashion deal, you can be sure that our stylish corporate housing options offer a heavenly experience during your stay.

The Fashion Industry in Miami

The fashion industry is no stranger to innovation as it is constantly pushing limits and breaking new ground. The scene in Miami is no different as some of the industry’s most elite players are flocking over to the city to set up shop. A good reason why Miami is becoming the next terrain of fashion’s elite is because of more retail opportunities and opulent hotels opening their doors.

Many professionals in the fashion industry agree that Miami may be the city of the future as there are friendly tax laws that make the vibrant city an appealing location for any entrepreneurial and business venture. What’s more, Miami has a conflux of major cultural and financial institutions as well as a high level of internationality that other established cities cannot contend with. Local fashion brands as well as famous luxury flagships like Fendi, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have chosen to open their boutiques in sunny Miami.

Who We Serve in the Miami Fashion Industry

Globe Quarters has many years of experience serving a diverse clientele in the fashion industry. Here is a quick look at some of the guests who have stayed with us in the past:

  • Showroom Sales Associates
  • Concierge Personal Shoppers
  • Fashion Marketing Managers
  • Warehouse Operations Managers
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Brand Representatives
  • Fashion Designers
  • …and more!

Stay with Globe Quarters in Miami Today!

Our fully furnished apartments in Miami offer a quality living experience with its modern amenities and trendy furnishings. If you have been assigned to complete a month-long training in the city, you will love the fact that your corporate housing options come with fully equipped kitchens. You can cook up a meal to remind you of home at any time you see fit. When you opt for Globe Quarters, you can be sure that every aspect of your Miami corporate housing needs is well met.

No matter which niche in the fashion industry you are working in, we always practice a client-first approach as it is our passion and commitment to make our guests feel at home at all our residences. Whether you are looking for practical solutions for long-term stays or want to enjoy the full range of amenities serviced apartments can offer for your short leisure vacation, you are always welcome at Globe Quarters!