What is Corporate Housing?

When our customers are contacting us first time, often ask, “What is the corporate housing?”

Several corporate housing definitions could be found on-line, but all of them define the corporate housing as a furnished apartment, condo, or house that is available for rent on a temporary basis.
As a type of accommodations, the corporate housing is an excellent alternative to a traditional hotel or extended hotel stay since typically offers larger square, less cost and full customer service.

The Globe Quarters Corporate Housing fully complies with the corporate housing specification. We provide complete temporary housing solutions within a residential setting in our fully furnished apartments irrespective of you chose with us the extended stay New York, extended stay Washington DC, or extended stay Miami. 

We explain our clients the corporate housing by describing them what furniture and essentials our New York furnished apartments, Washington DC furnished apartments, and Miami furnished apartments include.

Unlike hotels surrounded by an open parking lot and entirely filled by transient guests, the Globe Quarters Corporate Housing provides clients with a more pleasant and positive stay in a stable residential setting. Once you stay in our Washington DC furnished apartments, New York furnished apartments, or Miami furnished apartments, you will not ask any more about what the corporate housing is.

Another difference between the corporate housing and extended hotel stay is in their costs. You should know that the cost of the corporate housing varies according to location (so, your extended stay Washington DC, extended stay New York, or extended stay Miami will have different price), number of bedrooms, and length of stay. Moreover, with the corporate housing, which daily cost is substantially less than hotels, you get a full kitchen with amenities and most of all, more space and more privacy.

There are two types of the corporate housing companies: local and national. National corporate housing companies provide corporate housing extended stay services in more than their local city. Some national corporate housing companies have a formal international housing network of providers that offer furnished apartments for temporary living around the world (thus, the Globe Quarters Corporate Housing is the national corporate housing company and offers fully serviced apartments in Tokyo).

Summarizing all the above, it should be noted that understanding the corporate housing and its differences from hotels and extended stay hotels can provide you with a more pleasant and positive stay by giving you privacy in prime locations and flexibility to live the way you want and save you thousands of dollars.

Contact the Globe Quarters Corporate Housing and we make sure that our customers receive what they need and are paying for.

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